Full Automatic Line for (Tortilla,Lavash,and Naan) breads

Full Automatic Line for (Tortilla,Lavash,and Naan) breads

it is a complete automatic line available with different sizes& production capacities:single double,triple,or quadruple outputs(according to demand). 

it prepares the bread from dough mixing till packing stage without being touched by hand (full automatic),where-as the tunnel oven works on gas pipes burners through an electronic key and is insulated with fiber ceramic material to preserve the temperature and t is also equipped with safety valves which automatically disconnect in case of fire or gas leakage.finally, it is equipped with a timer and sensor to read the interanal temperature, and has various speeds to electronically control the production and quality of bread(s).

*production capacities    1. 1500-2000  loafs/hour with diameters 15-40 cm (single&double rows)

&loaf diameters                2. 2000-3000 loafs/hour with diameters 15-28 cm (double rows)

*installation space           : (12x5) meters squared